Upcoming shows

I am taking a hiatus from outdoor shows, instead working on commission and exhibiting member shows at:
Marco Center for the Arts
1010 Winterberry Dr.
Marco Island, Florida

Other gallery shows to be announced.

Artist statement

"I’ve been inspired by my many travels this past two years.
My recent amazing African Safari this past September had me captivated by the beauty of the land and it’s free roaming beautiful animals. I am working on a new series of 'Animals of Africa'."

The artist standing on a rocky cliff top, arms raised in a triumphant gesture.
An adult elephant is followed closely behind by a young elephant.
A leopard sleeps on a thick tree branch, its rear legs dangling on either side.
A lioness lays on a thick tree branch.
A male lion sits in tall grass, the color of the grass matching his fur.
A cluster of giraffes approaching the photographer, the first in line stoops to eat some leaves from a nearby tree.
A lioness perched atop a tree looking away from the camera.


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